Friday, January 5, 2007

The Good Old Days In Brooklyn

Brooklyn is where you can find so much to do, fun is what Brooklyn is all about, ask anyone who grew up there. The borough of so much fun, stick ball, punch ball, skelly, Johnny on the pony, stoop ball, ringolevio, and lets not forget blasting water a full block at the Johnny pump through a can open on both sides, just don't get in its way! The home of creativity!

Do you remember the glass skelly caps made from soda bottle tops broken off at the sewer gratings and then shaved down to perfection. The boxcars, skooters made of an old metal skate, a 2x4, and a wooden milk crate and a couple of 3 inch nails; that was all you needed!

What about the Pensi Pinki, and the Spaldeen. Do you remember sharpening the tips of your tops to crack your opponents tops. How about Duncan yo yo's and all the tricks, and what about marbles. Did you ever fly a paper kite from a rooftop so far in the sky you could not see it anymore! Those were the days! and there are many of us out there who can relate to those great times. No wonder they call it "Kings County".

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Growing up in Brooklyn

I remember growing up as a kid in Brooklyn like if it were yesterday, well let me just tell you it has been many years ago but the memories of my childhood are very vivid, Good times in life you can remember very easily, it’s the bad times we seem to forget, I guess that’s a good thing. I remember all of my old buddies growing up but the sad reality in most cases like mine your not in touch with any of them anymore, who knows where they are, what they are doing, or even if their still alive, you lose track with your old buddies for many different reasons usually the main reason is your parents move on and you just shake hands and say goodbye.
And go ahead! try to find them years later, you probably would have to hire a private investigator, posting this blog is easier for me and less expensive! it would be nice to stay in touch with old buddies but most of us don’t unfortunately.Oh well! what are you going to do.
The premise of this blog is to see if others can recognize some stories, post their own, and you never know, it might be a match, “small world”! I have read a few that sound so familiar and you wonder if that person was someone you grew up with, hey you never know! So if you have a great story about growing up in Brooklyn or anywhere else in the USA that you would like to share with the rest of us, then just put those fingers to work, I might just read a couple of stories from people who grew up in the East New York section, and maybe your school was Our Lady Of Loretto on Sackman Street or you ate the best pizza at Carlucci’s on Eastern Parkway, or how about those hot round knishes after church on the corner of Pacific and Eastern Parkway, do you remember Ruby the Knish man! well this all took place about 35 years ago, I can tell alot more about my life growing up in the great Kings County but I don’t like spending months on the keyboard. I would just love to hear about the rest out there, fun stories you would like to share, as time goes on we might have quite a bit of fun stories to tell. You can post your stories here or go to C’mon enjoy, post your stories, your pics, I don’t care just get em here! Have Fun!!!